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Modern Weasley Clock V2.0

An updated version of the Modern Weasley Clock from Hack the North. Similar functionality with a new look.


Since we received $1000 from 1517 at Hack the North for the Modern Weasley Clock, we decided to continue working on the project and start version 2.0. The functionality is very similar, the design puts a spin on a traditional clock by replacing times with locations and clock hands for people. So at a glance, you can see where everyone is, only at the locations that matter. The clock comes in two forms: as a physical clock and as an iOS app. The physical clock has six different coloured LEDs to represent 6 different people, and instead of the numbers 1 to 12, there are icons for different locations. The iOS app acts as the location tracker and updates the physical clock whenever the person's location changes. You can choose your location points, i.e. your work location may be different from another person's.

How it works

The hardware consists of 12 LED PCBs, the main PCB, the touchscreen display, and the physical casing. The original idea was that the icons would be interchangeable and they would contain NFC chips to detect what the icon was. The LED PCBs also contain an NFC antenna (that's the rectangle on each PCB). But for simplicity, we decided to scrap this idea and make the icon permanent for the time being. I also designed another PCB, the main PCB, to hold the particle photon micro-controller, connects to each LED PCB, and connects to the display. This project was the first time I used 3D modelling software and it was a lot of fun to see the design come to life. It took much longer than I thought to design the casing but I am really happy with the way it turned out. Everything fits snuggly together and allowed the clock to have a sleek look to it. There are a few things that still need to be done such as program the display, fill the icons with a translucent material, and interface the database with the micro-controller.

  •   Github
  •   Devpost
  •   Hack the North Demo at 30:33
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iOS App

Finished Clock Face Print

Clock Face with Screen

Clock Assembled Side Face

Clock Internals

LED Test