Hamster Home

Hamster Home tracks the wellbeing of your hamster. It monitors water levels, tracks the distance the hamster has ran and allow you to feed the hamster from the website.

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Hamster Home is a project Michelle and I made for Hack the North 2016. This project was built in loving memory of Ser Jaime Hammister, our hamster that passed away. We were not at home often enough to keep track of its health. In an attempt to prolong the life of our future hamster, we wanted to have a mobile way of checking up on them and taking care of them. Hence, Hamster Home! Hamster Home is a website that displays the health and wellbeing stats of a hamster in his home. It shows the water levels (full, half full, empty), how long it's been since food was last dispensed, and the distance the hamster has ran so far that day. It also allows you to dispense food for the hamster with the click of a button and keeps track of hamster activity. Michelle was responsible for the web dev, and the database. I was responsible for all the hardware and embedded systems. Then we worked together in the end to interface the database with the hardware.

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