HITCH is an intelligently curated educational video platform for underserved schools. We work with top educational video producers to produce a library of world-class educational videos. Our library is then fed into our system and matched against the local textbooks and curriculums. The result is world class educational content organized to the local textbooks and curriculums. It's presented on our web app, so it is easy for students and teachers to quickly find what they are looking for. Due to pervasive power and internet issues across Africa, we provide schools with a battery powered hotspot that stores our web-app and content locally, so our platform is always up and running.


  • Pitched to over 100 investors and raised over 400k for HITCH
  •   HAX Demo Day Pitch
  • Pitch winner for Velocity Fund Finals 25k and AC Jumpstart 60k
  •   Velocity Fund Final Pitch
  • Sold to first 10 schools with a 60% close rate
  • Developed content strategy and partnered with Youtube producers, textbooks publishers, and local teachers
  • UX
  • Interviewed over 50 customers using problem and solution interviews
  • Created 3 mockup designs for customer interviews using Sketch and Invision
  • Converted 4 schools into paying customers from Invision mockups alone
  • Guided HAX design team in creating company branding
  • Tech
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested 60 hardware units
  • Worked with contracted front-end developer to turn my designs into a product
  • Managed HAX engineering team in design a scalable version of the hardware


Co-founding HITCH took me all over the world. I spent 5 weeks in Nigeria doing sales and deployments. After getting into the HAX Accelerator I spent three months in Shenzhen China, working on Product alongside HAX's superstar team of engineerings and designers. Lastly, I pitched in New York and spent nearly two months of fundraising in San Fransisco.

Lagos and Enugu, Nigeria

School Sale in Enugu, Nigeria

Sale Demo for School

Teachers using HITCH on Mobile Devices

School Sale in Lagos, Nigeria

Shenzhen, China

Working on Product in HAX Office

Asian Demo Day at HAX

Factory Tour

Shenzhen Electronics Market

HAX Teams