Personal Projects

Battery Management System

A system that redistributes energy from the stronger cells to the weaker cells in a battery pack in order to maximize the capacity available to the load at its operating voltage.

Plasma Speaker

A loudspeaker which varies air pressure via a high-energy electrical plasma. Just plug in your phone, turn on some good tunes and voila! Music!

Hamster Home

Hamster Home tracks the wellbeing of your hamster. It monitors water levels, tracks the distance the hamster has ran and allows you to feed the hamster from the website. This project was a 2016 Hack the North winner!

Modern Weasley Clock

Based on the Harry Potter Weasley Clock, the hardware and iOS app that lets you know where your family or roommates are, at the locations that matter. This project was a 2017 Hack the North winner!

Modern Weasley Clock V 2.0

An updated version of the Modern Weasley Clock from Hack the North. At a glance, know the location of your family or roommates, only at the locations that matter.

Laser Harp

A musical instrument thats puts a spin on a harp by replacing its strings with lasers. It plays a corresponding note when the user touches one of the laser beams.

PCB Heart

A simple heart PCB that slowly blinks LEDs when turned on. It was a fun project that I made for Michelle :)